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Hi all, maybe you have noticed, that there have been only a little activity in terms of updating features on the WoTcs. Well, it was because I had a lot of work lately, but I want to assure you that I am far from done with this project.

Here I’ll describe some features which I plan to add. Please comment to let me know which of these you would like to see most, so I can put some priorities on them.

1. Player accounts using Wargaming ID

This would allow you to sign in into my site with credentials you have for World of Tanks. That would verify who you are and you could take control over your player page on WoTcs. One of the main advantages I am planning to give to those signed in, is ability to set automatic updates at specified time. So, for example you could set to have every day at 6:00 generated report how were your stats last day.

Also some other ideas I have, are that you could leave message on your player page to leave message to those viewing it (I am not sure how would this turn out). Also, I plan something similar for clans, but that is for entirely other blog post.

2. Integrating new API

I don’t know if you heard, but now there is new API which allows you to distinguish between games played in Random battles, Tank companies and CWs. Almost every stats page has already implemented this (only I am so slow :) ), so you can expect that this has very high priority at the moment. Also since this page was always focused on clans primarily, what would you say if there was rating which would be based on how well clan did in the CWs.

3. New design and UX

Currently I started working on new, more user friendly design. There isn’t much done yet, but you can monitor my progress at the new beta page.


If you have some great idea or feature request, please share it with me in the comments. Also, be sure to let me know, which one of the features I have listed, sounds best to you.



For those interested in how everything works, I am sharing the links to sources of this project:

These two are the API servers I made, and you can see them when you look at AJAX request that are than when loading clans and players.

1. This API server tracks changes of players (besides just storing info about clans) for all clans that are tracked on WoTcs. (Source on GitHub)

2. This is Players API server which for example manages updating of all players of a given clan. (Source on GitHub)

And finally the source of the beta page. It is made in Ruby on Rails, which I am using now and it’s great!

40 Responses to “New features coming soon”

    • admin

      Well according to poll in this post:
      the majority of people thinks it was unnecessary. Well, sure I would like to add it again into the new redesign I am planning, but the problem is: which lights? Tier 8 lights? Tier 7 and above? Tier 6 and above? Tier 5 and above? Only the well know scouts? It’s not easy decision. The reason why they were removed in the first place is that they are not used in CW that much anyway.
      I would like to hear what you think about this.

  1. AJ

    is there any api we can access to read the stats and include them on our own pages ?

  2. Chris

    and in the top 100 clans, can you post the ratings based on last 60 days as well?

  3. halfdead

    why the side is working only for clans and for players no ? its like this for about a week

    • admin

      Hi, it is kind of shame on me that it stopped worked properly just now, during the campaign. But to be honest neither clans nor players work very well. The issue is probably that I am still using old API which i suspect WG is slowly bringing into back (so it is awfully slow). In the meantime I am working on a solution but it doesn’t go as fast as I want it to go.

      • admin

        Actually I wanted to have it done before campaign but I am very bad with deadlines :/

    • halfdead

      last update is about a week ago , i like it very much ,how its done so please give me an answer about the problem

      • admin

        Hi, I am really sorry that it is taking so long, but I am doing what I can. I’ll try to get at least the most essential features to work as soon as possible.

        • halfdead

          ok gook luck with it , i hope u will make it work as soon as possible ,because its a great tool a measurement ,i like the colors and the update time

          • halfdead

            oh i reminded about something that bothers me quite long time
            what means that score , how its calculated and what does it mean

          • admin

            For the score: look at the FAQ page. In short: more tier X tanks clan/player have, the better score.

            And thanks, but there are still problems with the new API – it is very slow (probably throttled). I’ll see what can I do to make it faster.

  4. halfdead

    ok thanks ,saw , u can make a reply page ,dedicated for bugs and such things if u are not too busy :D

    • admin

      I am doing stuff when I can. Maybe I should create a test page where you’ll be able to test the new stuff

      • admin

        The problem is that I decided to create most of the stuff from scratch instead of extending the existing site. For example I have implemented WN8, but for new version, which will hopefully come soon.

          • Chris

            Like the new layout so far (Y)
            One thing i do have in mind is say for example i want to look up my own stats or clan stats but i have to type it in all the time, any way to implement a small icon/tab to click somewhere on the main screen without actually making a log in procedure?

          • admin

            I think remembering your most visited clans/players and showing them on the main page is possible (and definitely a good idea), but if I implemented simple login using Wargaming OpenID, would you be against that?

  5. Chris

    nope not at all, sounds good to me. The only things i can think of atm is
    1.) Top 200 clans – Wider range and to see if your close to being in top 100.
    2.) Last 60 day clan and/or player stat – Self explanatory but the way it is now is very good as it shows day by day.
    3.) Top clans based on WN raiting
    4.) Login system sounds good.
    Thats about it really i cant think of anything else of the top of my head

    • admin

      1) and 3) – I would leave only 100, with ability to sort it by WR/WN/etc, but show a position for each clan in its profile(e.g. you would now that you are on the 101th spot)
      2) I’ll probably start with 30 days and see how DB intensive that is, but I also planned to ditch the daily stats for clans, and leave them only for players as it the clan changes tend to break it more often than not