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Maybe you have noticed, maybe you haven’t, but there have been an update yesterday.

Mostly, it changed the way the server loads data from Wargaming, and should be significantly faster. However there are some changes, which are more visible. That is the loss of light tank column in clan member list and huge simplification of the overall clan’s tanks overview. The main difference is that only Tier 10′s and T8 arty’s are shown, since nowadays most of the clans have at least some of them, and can’t really hope to be successful on CW map without them. I would like to know what do you think about this, so you can let me know in the comments.


Also another thing is that I no longer support VIE server because there is something wrong with their API, but instead I started to support KR server.

Another thing is that I started to keep track of some of the stats, which means that you can expect (hopefully) some nice graphs in a week or so.

Note: Last time I wrote, that I will write something about my plans, but these plans where kind of ruined by WG :). Well, OK, to be fair, it is just I hoped to be able to find some info in API’s which isn’t there.

Well, that’s all for today and I wish you nerves of steel on Battlefields of Public :)

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