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My name is adikus, or Andrej in RL. I am a student from Slovakia, currently studying at University of Glasgow. I started this project two years ago as a simple tool made just for my clan. Then an idea came to me to make it public. Ever since then it was improving and number of people visiting was growing until it became what it is today: over 5000 clans being tracked and over 3000 visits a day.

As most of you already know, this tool is mainly for displaying the clans’ power in terms of number of top tier tanks. This can be important because of how the tank freezing works. However another important factor is the skill of the clan, since if the clan wins, less tanks will be frozen (and for shorter time), but it is (almost) impossible to make a formula for this. But I have something in my mind and I will write about it later on. But for now let’s look into some features (some are new):

  • Track member changes of clans which are in database(NEW): this means that once clan is in database, it is being checked regularly for changes in list of clan members. As you can see in side panel on main page, server can check all over 5000 clan in less then hour. In fact it can do it in ~15 minutes. This means that if there aren’t any bugs, all changes are saved in database with ~15 min. accuracy.
  • Show listing of tanks and stats of clans’ players: this feature was the first one implemented and it has been changed only slightly since then. First when you visit clan’s site, script looks in the database and if the data is no more then 12 hours old it fetches it. Otherwise it has to load it from worldoftanks’ servers.
  • Show listing of tanks and stats of individual player(NEW): the player doesn’t even have to be a member of a clan. Also on-site search function has been expand to search also for players. Here you can see a score calculated for individual tanks, and lots of stats. Also clan history is also there, but bear in mind that these are tracked only for clans which are in database, as said above.
  • Vehicle and player(NEW) statistics: Although you might be familiar with the vehicle statistics where you can see which tanks are popular amongst players what are their average winrates. What is new is that I added some charts about players too. Since I have around 250k players in database I could create some interesting visualisations of their data. Now you can see how normal distribution looks like in practise!

NOTE to SEA-server players: so far I haven’t been able to figure out why I can’t load data for your server group. But I noticed that other stat-tracking tools don’t have problems with that so I will have to ask their authors.

Next time I will write something about future plans (along with the idea about clan rating I’ve written above) or maybe even something about how the server works (if you would like me to), so make sure to check it out then.

GL&HF on the battlefields!


21 Responses to “About me, this project and new update”

  1. Brad

    Our clan used to be listed and we are no longer listed on your website. Can that be fixed?
    [_UF_] _UNFORGIVEN_ North American server….we are part of the Burning Legion – Havok, Havok Raising, Novac, Volt, BAD, and Unforgiven

    • admin

      Hi, there is still handful of bugs, but the worst thing is that examination period already started. So hang though and write me if something doesn’t work as it is supposed to :)

  2. Todor

    Hi, there. There are too little clans from RU. Some of the top clans are missing. It would be interesting to compare the Score of Top EU clans and RU clans.

    • admin

      That is because not many people from RU use this site. For the clan to be in DB it must be viewed by someone.

  3. Hoi Nguyen

    Hello, thank for your project, It’s very helpful for us.
    Can I ask you a question?
    Now, I can’t find information about clans and players who in Vietnam server in your database. Why?
    My English is very bad, if you found bad attitude in my question, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. Thanks you!

    • admin

      Hi, there is a problem with Vietman API, which I cannot solve unfortunately.

      • Hoi Nguyen

        Thank for your answer!
        I wishing you success in your project and your life! ;)

  4. DeerHunter666

    adikus I just wanted to so thank you for your work and find your site a great tool in administrating my Clans.

  5. chien luoc thuong hieu

    I was recommended this web site by way of my cousin. I am no longer sure whether or not this submit is written by means of him as no one else know such distinct approximately my difficulty. You are amazing! Thank you!

  6. LesBear

    Nice stats page, but i want to know if it is for download the stats for wp?

    Keep up the good work

  7. Menerv

    it’s an awesome work you’ve done here. Can i ask you some help. I try to get the membre list from the officiel web site from curl request. but it doesn’t work.
    Api’s found on the web doesn’t work either.
    How didi you get the member list ?

  8. Menerv

    Yeah !! thanks you !
    now i’ll be able to build the tools we need to manage our clan.

  9. ParnosCZ[2CZTB]


    Omluv moji cestinu tady, ale Angl. neumim natolik abych zde mohl psat.
    Jen v kratkosti.
    Velice ti dekuji za tvoje stranky a drzim palce v dalsim postupu.

  10. Grandpa55

    I can tell new players are added to the clan score an win 7 very quickly. BUT the problem is old clans with no players are not moved off the rankings ie. purple