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Hello there, you probably noticed the news. Long story short, clan wars will be played with tiers I – VI for a little while. Now the problem is that this site is focused on top tiers – Xs (and artys).

Since WarGaming claims that these campaigns will be repeated in the future, it would be reasonable to create some feature for dedicated to them. But how?

This brings at least one problem. Most people don’t sell their tier X tanks. That can’t be said about tiers I – IX (so most of the tanks). This means that I can tell with 99% probability which top heavys clan have. Can I do that with e.g. tier IV? No (read as “not easily”).

Now, I won’t be revealing what I will do, but I would like some feedback. Would you like some feature dedicated to campaigns? If yes what should it do, any suggestions? Please comment, that would be appreciated :).

Now, to the last time’s poll. Most of you (41) voted that light tank column was unnecessary while 19 people would like it back. Well, if this thing with campaign feature went right it might solve this. Or if not I might still add some info about light tanks somewhere. This time I am interested what you think about my Score formula.

18 Responses to “Campaign is coming.”

  1. User

    Don’t worry about trying to track the lower tier stuff for campaign. Everyone hates what waragaming is doing.

    • someone

      everyone? don’t you just hate people who speak for ‘everyone’ without asking first

  2. Tanzer

    Be nice to be able to track Victory Points – perhaps in a leaderboard fashion. Should not be hard to calculate from list of provinces owned and days owned.

    • admin

      It wouldn’t be easy to calculate it from list of provinces, since there is a difference in which phase you got the province. But there is another way.
      Did you have in mind just ratings such as on official site or victory points in clan summary?

  3. Kovalsky

    Hi guys u did good job with this web, i have idea, is it possible to make some stats who is online in each clan? Ill w8 for anser

  4. Brannog

    When you add Tier X arty scores to total score? Earlier Tier VIII arty scores counted to total score.

    • admin

      Aaah, right, absolutely forgot that I would need to change something when the tiers where changed. I’m on it!

  5. ilasamper

    For the new clan wars and “know” what clans are doing, the only way is to change the statistics way.

    You could calculate the amount of matches played with each tank, so we could know what this player is focusing at.

    In some tiers probably we would only know that X player is getting the T57 Heavy, but in the low tiers the mos played tanks will be for sure the ones that he is using in CW

    • admin

      Well, during this campaign, I found out that this is not true. Many of our players favourite tanks where just not simply suitable for CWs (just from strategic perspective).

      • ilasamper

        sure, but most of players would have 7-9 tanks that are only played for CW in that tiers? maybe checking only the last week matches?

        • admin

          Of course, I am not saying this would not work at all. I would like to do something like you suggest for the next campaign.

  6. ArthurWellsley

    Maybe when we look at tier VI we see that most teams play either KV1S or Hellcat. Perhaps focus on those two to the exclusion of all else in the clan stats?